epidemic prevention & work resumption of wonder electric Mar 15, 2020

2020 has started in an unexpected way. in a short time, everyone in china becomes devoted to combating the “epidemic” and works together to make full use of every minute to fight the war. up till now, the national epidemic prevention work has entered the critical stage. in the meantime, from mid-February, various enterprises have started to resume their work.

in this special period, wonder adheres to the principle of preventing the epidemic while resuming work at the same time.

on the one hand, we follow the instructions of provincial, municipal, and district government in epidemic prevention, to ensure the health of our employees. on the other hand, we spare no efforts to resume our production and other work, trying to eliminate the negative impact of the epidemic on our company’ s operation and economy as much as possible.

wonder has been praised by municipal and district governments for the measures we’ve taken. And CCTV news channel has also made a detailed introduction of the company’ s measures.

up till now, over 50% of our employees have returned to their posts, and it is expected that the production of capacity of high efficiency electric motor lines will be fully resumed in early March. Our products of three phase induction motors , permanent magnet synchronous motors , dc motors , three phase NEMA motorsand etc. will be supplied to our customers steadily. Lisong precision casting has resumed production smoothly in the early stage and it is one of the few companies in the industry to have resumed production capacity.
there will still be a tough time for epidemic prevention and control, and wonder is ready to face the difficulties. on the premise of ensuring the safety of our employees' lives and health, we will put more efforts into leading wonder to always advance on the road of high-quality development.

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