output going up with all staff returned to work Apr 02, 2020
more than two months have passed since china commenced the battle against Coronavirus. in this warm march, the good news came frequently. The outbreak in mainland of china has been basically contained.

at present, the whole country has entered the new rhythm of orderly resumption of work and production. wonder electric is the first enterprise to resume production in Mawei Chang’an investment Zone, where we locate. at present, the rate of staff returning to work has reached 100%, and the production capacity of enterprises has recovered to the same period of last year. The company's industrial output is expected to increase by 20% in april from the previous month, as many foreign orders have been diverted to wonder electric because of the outbreak. wonder will gradually realize the new situation that production and marketing are of flourishing.

wonder IE4 induction motors will be continuously exported to customers in the industries of air compressor , water pump , reduction gearboxand etc in Europe, south-east asia and north America.

on the morning of march 31, secretary of the district committee of Mawei, and deputy director of Mawei, led the leaders of relevant departments to conduct research on the resumption of work and production in wonder Electric. Xu Zhenfei, gm of the company, reported to the leaders the production situation and the opportunities and challenges facing the company after the resumption of production.

production capacity and consumer markets in china are recovering. as our confidence grows, we recognize that the global impact of the pandemic will be much deeper than previous crises. The pragmatic attitude is the consistent corporate style of Wonder, which also gives us the firm confiidence and clear direction to calmly deal with the epidemic. wonder electric will continue to focus on products and quality, which is the best way for us to take corporate social responsibility in this special period.

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