wonder permanent magnet synchronous Motor--The first choice for energy saving renovation Sept 19, 2020

The development and production of permanent magnet motoris an epitome of the innovative development of Wonder's exploration. energy consumption is one of the key elements for the development of the motor industry. For a long time, despite the various kinds of motor products in China, the efficiency level is relatively low. noticing the disadvantages of this industry, wonder started the independent research and development of high-efficiency motor.

as a driving device for general mechanical equipment,wonder permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) has been highly recognized by air compressor customers again recently. The efficiency level of wonder pm motor has reached IE5 and IE4 . compared with ordinary efficiency motor, the efficiency of some models of pm motor can even be increased by more than 10%, which will save a considerable amount of electricity cost for customers.

in addition, wonder motors are differentiated by small and delicate appearance as well as flexible installation method . Thus, customers can easily replace the lower efficiency motors without complicated modification or maintenance, for the normal production of customers for more time, labor and capital.

wonder pm motor has a series of technical advantages, such as precise control, compact structure, low temperature rise, low vibration and so on, which make our products stand out in the fierce market competition and become the benchmark products of high quality and high efficiency motor in China.

Since 2011, china stipulated IE2 as the minimum efficiency standard for the domestic motor industry, while the energy saving motors produced by wonder has already reached the leading level of IE5 and IE4, and has become the first domestic manufacturer and supplier of high efficiency motor to obtain third-party certification. as developed countries such as europe and The united states continue to improve the motor energy efficiency access standards, wonder firmly seize the opportunity to export high-efficiency motor to the world.

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